I am pretty sure, by all means, that cookies don’t count as “serious eats”. They are treats, tiny gifts to receive someone who comes by to have tea; to cheer up breakfasts by the coffee mug, or afternoon pick-me-ups.
So, the first requirement is to be tasty.
Then, to be good looking.

And, goodness, are there varied ways to look good! The print in today’s cookies is made with the rolling pin by In My Wood (customized with the birds from What is in for Today, in a design by my dear Taís Mahs).

I have tested a couple of recipes to find this one, which is free from animal products (that is to say the recipe is vegan and, consequently, dairy free), and also gluten free. Plus, the cookies hold their shape beautifully.
Let’s get to it.

Do you recall the famous saying, “one thing is one thing, something else is something else”?
Well, it makes sense to me.
If I paint stripes in a horse, is it a zebra? Well, no. It might seem like one, and I don’t really know what the difference is, but I know it exists.
Certainly, there are people who consider me obtuse but, for me, “eggless omelette” sounds counterintuitive (however, I will gladly cook and have for lunch a chickpea frittata).

I suppose, many people consider “all natural”, “vegetarian”, “vegan”, “paleo”, people who don’t consume dairy or gluten, to be all part of one coherent group.
Well, this is not true.
Each one has their own reasons to make the choices they make, and even people who have similar diets might have very different motivations.

I have been philosofical lately, pensive, reading about different ways of understanding life, routine, spirituality. Maybe it does not make all that sense in the way I speak, but the fact is I have been paying attention to what every situation brings.
Just like I have been hugely interested in studying ways to pay attention to the body, I want to pay attention to the ways I/we relate to people around us and the situations that appear every 5 minutes.

"So what?" you ask me.

So that, cycling around Pomerode I have noticed  the loaded guava trees, giving so much fruit that we barely know what to do with all of it.
I recalled that Dede, a good friend, told me I should published a recipe for frapuccino - a sweet, frothy, refreshing beverage she likes to drink at starkucks.

Strictly speaking, frapuccino is a version of frappé. It's supposed to be a blended drink, airy and frothy, it usually takes coffee, sugar, vanilla, cream.
En what's the difference regarding smoothies, iced coffee, iced capuccino? Well, it not that easy to define. It seems like the difference lies in the bubbles, in the incorporated air. To achieve it, the drink is blended longer.


It's been a couple months since I have diminished the consumption of dairy and eggs at home. That's for no specific reason, I just don't feel much like eating those. Besides, they are extremely perishable. It's not something I can buy and leave in the fridge for three hundred years to consume once in a while (I mean, I even could do that with eggs, but anyway). So, in part for these reasons, in part for the challenge of preparing good food without these ingredients - which are in practically every recipe - I kind of stopped buying them.
Funny thing is it takes quite a while for one to think about cooking in fact without dairy or eggs. Mostly we use the same old recipes adapted with substitutes. So I kept experimenting, trying ways to prepare vegetable milk, and today I share what became my basic recipe to make it with nuts.

When we eat out in a buffet restaurant, there are always so much more options than one could civilly put in their plate. Sure, it is kind of a dirty trick they pull to invoke the overeater in every one and make us want to try everything (ahem... it's not too hard to do that with me).
Some times, one of the options that make my mouth water is cottage pie. You know? That one that's kind of a soft pie: takes one layer of ground meat seasoned with vegetables in the bottom of a tray, and one layer of fluffy potato pureé.

Seems to me like a hell of a lunch! Just put a raw salad on the side, and success!
Except I don't like meat, and I don't eat it, so I can never try this. Same thing happens with escondidinho, which is basically the same thing, substituting the potato pureé with manioc pureé, and the ground meat with jerked meat.
Oh life.
Then, one fine day I just made my own version with the vegetables I had at home.
The omnivorous in the audience might go on preferring the usual meat version, but for those who feel like varying a bit, or who don't eat meat too, I recommend trying the recipe.

The cliché the title refers to is myself, yours truly. How's that? Like this:
I have been filming very little in the last couple of months, since the economy has been particularly bad this year. I know it reflects in all professional areas, thus in publicity too (which is mostly the films sets which I am in).
So, I have been at home for a good time, cooking and writing, and organizing the blog, and comes a time when I get fed up and have to change the scenery. There lies the cliché: in spite of the many subjects in mind, I got a certain lack of inspiration for writing. So I went to a cafe, and all out of a sudden I can't stop drawing letters on the paper.

Usually, a nearby park is my backyard. But with this nice soft rain falling, I decided to go see this place I've been willing to visit for a while now. I fell in love with it.
In part because on my way there, walking, ideas started to shape themselves without me even noticing it.

As for the unusual, it's that the other day I stumbled upon a pretty bunch of beetroots at home that had no destiny yet, since I've been more interested in the beets' foliage than on themselves. I remembered this cute video a friend recommended ages ago, where they showed the recipe to a flourless beet chocolate cake. That's a combination in which I would not think if nobody told me of it. And, I got to tell you, it's delicious!

All images and text in this post are by Gabriel Marzinotto.


There are carts selling churros all over the city, always ones with that sweet dough and added dulce de leche filling them. They are good, but I must be honest:
I find them kind of way too sweet, heavy. It is fried sweet pastry, full of oil, filled with even more sweetness. I eat those seldom.
Also because I carry a fond memory of another kind of churro, one I used to have for breakfast with my family on Sunday mornings: the circular version of Churros from Mooca.


Roasted dinner.

15/12/2010 - 0 Comments - Recipes | Sweet potato, Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan

I like many things, one of them is food with a roasted crust.
So today I roasted sweet potatoes to eat with some broccoli (apparently, the wad I bought will never end).

Yeah, it's hot.
But I don't mind, I made soup anyway.


Banana spread.

02/12/2010 - 0 Comments - Recipes | Refined sugar, Banana, Breakfast, Dairy free, Vegan

Banana spread. Yummm.

I still don't know what to do so that it won't acquire that pinkish/lilac tone, which I find a little strange. But it's so good on a bread as a breakfast!