Right now, while Summer heat is approaching, plants grow, leavens bubble, schedules become tight. Our minds are so full, all one asks for is refreshment – a breath of life.
A great way to deal is drinking plenty of water (and some beer once in a while ;). Another way is to go all out into salads with sprouted grains and seeds.

In the germination process, seeds and grains let out all of the energy they have stored, in the intention of nourishing the new plant that is coming to life. So, besides having more nutrients available at this point, they are more easily digested and absorbed.
Along with root, fruit, and leafy vegetables and a good sauce, we can quench hunger in a light and practical way. This salad is great on lunchboxes and hurried days in general. Check out how to do it!

Like many other ideas I enjoy a lot, the first time I saw this was in TheKitchn. After that, I've seen it in many other places all over the internet. No wonder! Just take a look at the recipe: slice ripe bananas into pieces and freeze them. Blend or process until smooth. Serve.
Pffff of course it's become a success. It's something tasty, cheap, easy and "thin". (And frozen, which counts a thousand points in these 35oC or higher). 
Now, I thought to myself, I really think this is a great idea and I really would like to share it with you in here. So... hum... I decided to add something, to make it interesting for those who already know the fantastic one-ingredient-ice-cream: cookie baskets. Except I need to test more to get my baskets right, because it hasn't happened yet.


Red dawn

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Granola with dried cranberries + iced hibiscus tea.


Summer tea

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I tried to imitate at home an iced tea I had at a cafeteria some days ago.

It's so simple and refreshing, I didn't have time to take a picture.


A refreshment for this heat wave

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I bought molds and made popsicles!


Super natural

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I got home from work tired, and that happens in part because of the hot weather.

So I thought I deserved a nice fruit juice.

The most usual thing in the worls is to see me with a big mug in my hands or by my side while I'm at home - reading, working on the computer, cooking, takig care of my place, talking to people...

As with anything that comes out of my kitchen, I like to expertiment new blends, that's the number
one reason to desencourage me from using tea bags.

It's been at least one or two Summers since I've been willing to post a recipe for popsicles, I don't recall it precisely.

In the meantime I have been thinking of how to make popsicles that won't come out as ice blocks, but that also won't give me too much trouble (by which I mean: don't require a stand mixer, or re-stirring every 30 minutes) nor take weird industrialized ingredients.

Hummm. How to make it simple?

Well, I have found out a few things about this process through trial and error, and I think finally I can share a "formula", as I did with the crunchy bars. Although, before I jump into the recipe, I would like to tell that I have been interviewed by Melanie Moreira for the site Receitas sem fronteiras, talking a bit about the ways that lead me to the kitchen. It is only available in Portuguese, but if you want to check out anyway, click here.

The picture illustrating the interview is by Nicole Samperi.

Are you feeling like going to the kitchen too? :)


Fake summer compote

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A real fruit compote is that beautiful thing, seen in Grandmother houses.

It's a huge mason jar filled with fruit chunks in sugar syrup.

Where my Grandmother lived, there was a pear tree, and when they started to ripen, nobody could eat it all. To solve the problem, compote was made, since it's a preservation method.

Now, this recipe here won't serve to preserve anything, it doesn't last long.

But it looks and tastes a lot like compote, except it takes a lot less sugar.