Right now, while Summer heat is approaching, plants grow, leavens bubble, schedules become tight. Our minds are so full, all one asks for is refreshment – a breath of life.
A great way to deal is drinking plenty of water (and some beer once in a while ;). Another way is to go all out into salads with sprouted grains and seeds.

In the germination process, seeds and grains let out all of the energy they have stored, in the intention of nourishing the new plant that is coming to life. So, besides having more nutrients available at this point, they are more easily digested and absorbed.
Along with root, fruit, and leafy vegetables and a good sauce, we can quench hunger in a light and practical way. This salad is great on lunchboxes and hurried days in general. Check out how to do it!



29/11/2010 - 0 Comments - Recipes | Garlic, Arabian cuisine, Chickpeas, Hommus, Lime, Olive oil, Pepper, Tahine, Vegan

This is a confort food for me, I really like it a lot. It is tasty and fulfilling.

With a little more patience I think it would have been quite alike the hommus I ate in nice restaurants, but for now it's really homemade style.

Today's lunch: curried eggplant with a side of chickpeas.