I am pretty sure, by all means, that cookies don’t count as “serious eats”. They are treats, tiny gifts to receive someone who comes by to have tea; to cheer up breakfasts by the coffee mug, or afternoon pick-me-ups.
So, the first requirement is to be tasty.
Then, to be good looking.

And, goodness, are there varied ways to look good! The print in today’s cookies is made with the rolling pin by In My Wood (customized with the birds from What is in for Today, in a design by my dear Taís Mahs).

I have tested a couple of recipes to find this one, which is free from animal products (that is to say the recipe is vegan and, consequently, dairy free), and also gluten free. Plus, the cookies hold their shape beautifully.
Let’s get to it.

I don't know about you, but I am a person who likes food. Really.

It gives me severe bad mood if I get hungry/ crave for food, and have nothing to nibble.

And the plot thickens, as I've been in this healthy-eating-well wave.

Because sometimes I could give it a way having snacks at any bakery down the street, but I haven't been feeling like it lately (besides, each little bite you buy around São Paulo represents a significant percentage of one's monthly budget).

So, in May 2012, gathering information here and there and testing a little, I found myself happy about a recipe/ formula that I came up with for oatmeal granola bars.

You see: they are just the way I like it. Crunchy, and accepting a wide variation of ingredients.

The point is: if I'm hungry, I urge for something savory. And that is just not possible with the recipe mentioned.

There are some options of savory bars being sold out there. But I heard that mostly they taste weird.

Anyway, there are possible.

So, there goes Flora looking in the internet for savory energy bars recipes. But they are not easy to find, not at all.


Praliné topped cookies

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Do you know that feeling when you see a great idea, but so good you wish it was yours?

Here's one example. When I read the title of that post at Technicolor Kitchen, I got excited.

And the picture helps it.

Anyway, I did not use the same recipe Patricia did, because I thought these butter cookies and our regular praliné (actually, pé de moleque, as I wrote in here) would fit my taste better.

Truth be told, it's not convenient to eat these cookies, they splatter crumbs in every possible direction - but oh, are they yummy! The trick here is to bake real small cookies and drop tiny bits of pralinée on top, so that you can eat one cookie in one bite, and look like a civilized person.


My grandma Nelci's cheese sticks

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During these last summer vacation I have looked for the treasure of treasures:

the folder where my grandma Nelci's recipes were kept - which I brought home.

Some things, like the bee hives and the bread were never written down - she used to prepare them by heart.

On the other hand, these cheese biscuits, the cornmeal spongecake topped with cream and oranges, the grustuli, are in her notebooks, in her handwriting.

These are recipes that will inevitably bring memories to my family, and will make us happy whenever we prepare them. Every once in a while I'll share one of those, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Here am I, returning to the blog after many (nice) happenings which kept me busy for a couple days.

Today I bring you a cookie recipe that got the approval of my friends on the last time we went to Ibirapuera park together.

I wanted to bake something quick with the ingredients I had around, so after a search, I chose this recipe and slightly adapted it.


Biscuits to serve with coffee or tea

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This recipe is repeated, except for two details: the flavor and shape.

These are made with the same dough used in alfajores, and are good to serve with tea because they're very light.


Cornmeal lemon snaps

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Continuing the enormously titled post, the recipe for the snaps, adapted from here.

1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons (55g) confectioner sugar

2/3 cup + 2 tablespoons (100g) corn starch

1/2 cup + 3 tablespoons (100g) fine cornmeal

5 level tablespoons (75g) cold butter, diced

1 large egg yolk + cold milk until completing 50ml

2 teaspoons grated lemon rind

(Cup measure: 240ml)

I sifted all of the dry ingredients, including sugar, into a bowl.

I also passed the yolk through a sieve into a measuring cup, and added milk to complete 50 ml. 

I added the cubes of butter to the dry ingredients, along with the grated lemon rind, and kneaded the dough with my hand until I got a crumble. I poured in the yolk + milk mixture and kneaded until it formed a smooth ball of dough.

If needed, you can add a little more milk, one teaspoon at a time, until you reach the right consistency.

I placed the dough in the fridge for a few minutes, so that it wouldn't become to soft.

Then I turned on the oven at 180oC to let it preheat while I shaped the cookies as small balls, measuring one teaspoon of dough each.

I transfered them to parchment paper lined sheets and baked for about 10 minutes, until the cookies started to brown very very slightly.

When I took them out, I transferred them to a cooling rack until completely cool.

Then I removem the cookies from the paper, one by one.

It yielded 62 snaps.

I think they could be even smaller, measuring one coffee spoon each.

*This is to ensure that the cookies won't taste like egg.


Lavender cookies

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Second part of the trilogy: lavender cookies.

Recipe adapted from here.

Well yes, I even could have made up a longer a title for the post, but I thought this one was ok. :)

I baked three kinds of cookies at once to send to a friend in Florianopolis, who I have much to thank to. 

Before someone frowns up: I swear you can make these squares with another filling.

The recipe came from here.


Ay, qué rico!

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The parents of a friend of mine live in Rio Grande do Suland on her way back from vacation in there, she brought home tons of the best dulce de leche in the universe:conaprole.

When I say tons, I mean one 3,5kg package and another 1kg.

She gave me the "tinier" one as a gift. I absolutely loved it.

And the first thing that poped in my mind was, of course, alfajor.



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This year, my gift to my loved ones were cookies.

The thing is: food belongs either over the table or inside bellies, never in the trash can. The other day, I baked a lot of christmas cookies. And because of a whim of mine, I have cut them again after baking, so that they would all be round and equal.
Well, what to do with 3 cups leftover cookie crumble? Bread!



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To brighten up the life of a boy who's got a serious flu and can't even leave home, I baked some squirrels.

Yesterday I had picnic with some friends at ibirapuera park.
I baked some cookies to bring. They were pretty ugly, but tasted nice.
Next time I'll give more attention to they're appearance...

Well, I've written about the thanks shortbreads, now it'll be the cookies.

I've adapted this from a recipe by Patrícia.

To demonstrate my gratitude, the way that works best for me is to bake something sweet.

I chose this recipe because I think it's sophisticated, and as this is a big thanks, I also baked some chocolate and nut cookies that I adapted from Patrícia.



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When someone comes to my place, I like to have something to offer them.

Even if it's simple and we're likely to order pizza later...