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Tahine (or is it tahini?) is: toasted sesame seeds ground to a paste. Do you know it?
I've known store bought tahine all my life, which I use in various meals/recipess, and don't recall thinking about preparing the paste at home.
But, my darlings, living in a tiny town and craving specific foods can open some doors, you know?
This one day I was on the mood for Arabic food. I bought eggplant, chickpeas, sesame seeds and made it all from scratch. I felt great realizing how quick and simple it was to prepare such a feast.


What I learned from my mother

21/01/2018 - 5 Comments - Sink Philosophy | Family

I have learned endless lessons from my mother – both the kind of things which I am proud of knowing, and the kind of things we try to unlearn together. What’s funny about this is that I have not learned the main because she tought me.

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