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Admittedly, "I don't have time" is an expression that defines priorities. After all, the point isn't "how much" time one has, it is which activities this person chooses to dedicate time and importance to.
If we accupy ourselves too much with things that don't make us thrive or smile (preferrably, thrive and smile), seems like it's time to change. When we realize something is important, we find a way to make that happen often.

For instance: having breakfast calmly on a daily basis is a luxury? It might even be, I guess, but when I start my day slowly, my moof and ability to concentrate are so much better, so I come up with ways to ensure this little luxury.

I am pretty sure, by all means, that cookies don’t count as “serious eats”. They are treats, tiny gifts to receive someone who comes by to have tea; to cheer up breakfasts by the coffee mug, or afternoon pick-me-ups.
So, the first requirement is to be tasty.
Then, to be good looking.

And, goodness, are there varied ways to look good! The print in today’s cookies is made with the rolling pin by In My Wood (customized with the birds from What is in for Today, in a design by my dear Taís Mahs).

I have tested a couple of recipes to find this one, which is free from animal products (that is to say the recipe is vegan and, consequently, dairy free), and also gluten free. Plus, the cookies hold their shape beautifully.
Let’s get to it.

I am lucky to have friends from who I learn a lot. For instance, this girl who I’ve been friends with since forever, Flávia. We’re always exchanging recipes, recommending books, and impressions about life in general. For today, we have the example of peanut milk.
In the way I prepare it, it’s takes about one day. In her way, it’s only a couple of minutes – which comes in handy when I have a cake baking and suddenly remember I don’t have milk for the frosting.

Just like in literature, I believe that in culinary translations happen all the time. This attempt of saying the same thing using words from another language (or ingredients from another land), you know?
Of course results will not be the same and, if you forgive my lack of purism, I consider some “translated” version much better than the original.

After years living with the wonderful pesto sauce in family’s Sunday lunches, I had the opportunity to try it at a very traditional Italian cantina in São Paulo – and I found it to be only ok.
Let’s see.

That good old quiche recipe with whole-wheat flour and olive oil crust is a wild card for lunches at my place, always ending up with a happy tummy.
We are fated to success: it’s quick to prepare, comes with a crunchy crust and creamy filling, is handy to serve (since it can be baked ahead, frozen, re-heated), and along with a bountiful salad is really satisfying.

So, looking at the ingredients at hand, I decided to Brazilianize the filling, exchanging the classic cheese-and-egg filling for (roll the drums) pumpkin and coconut. Oh boy, what a tasty meal!

When I was invited to participate in the #FoodLovers campaign by Filippo Berio, Kara asked me for recipes that would tell the world a little bit of our way of incorporating olive oil to ingredients that are ours. I think that mixing onions, pumpkin and coconut is a nice way ;)

Come along, in one hour we will get tomorrow’s lunch done!

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