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That good old quiche recipe with whole-wheat flour and olive oil crust is a wild card for lunches at my place, always ending up with a happy tummy.
We are fated to success: it’s quick to prepare, comes with a crunchy crust and creamy filling, is handy to serve (since it can be baked ahead, frozen, re-heated), and along with a bountiful salad is really satisfying.

So, looking at the ingredients at hand, I decided to Brazilianize the filling, exchanging the classic cheese-and-egg filling for (roll the drums) pumpkin and coconut. Oh boy, what a tasty meal!

When I was invited to participate in the #FoodLovers campaign by Filippo Berio, Kara asked me for recipes that would tell the world a little bit of our way of incorporating olive oil to ingredients that are ours. I think that mixing onions, pumpkin and coconut is a nice way ;)

Come along, in one hour we will get tomorrow’s lunch done!


Sink Philosophy – Poetry and Simple Bold

07/09/2016 - 2 Comments - Sink Philosophy |

I once went to Curitiba for a couple of days, and had some time to spare while the friend who received me was at work. I decided to visit MON, and what I found there was this big exhibition about Leminski – who I hadn’t read before.

To tell the truth, I’ve always twist my nose at poetry. In my mind, poetry was linked to Parnassianism and Mannerism I simply do not assimilate. I do not get what these abstract guys mean. I only liked a few ones by Pessoa, and that one about the guinea pig by Bandeira. Besides, I thought poetry was something snob, pretentious. Till I ran into Leminski! I stayed there till the museum was closed, wandering in his universe.

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