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Existing isn’t simples business, even though one surely lives absolutely delicious moments in this life.
People say that while in teenage, we go through questionings, doubts and all that. But, seriously, is there any one who’s past 20 and now knows what to do about all this that we are?
I still don’t know, really.

When I lived in São Paulo and this feeling grew too big, in the first day off I’d get I would go to Liberdade. It is a place that has always fascinated me, since the first months I lived in the city. After 4 subway stations, I’d arrive in another world. Beautiful, intriguing, incomprehensible. I’d walk about in the narrow streets, and for a few hours I’d soak in the surroundings with my senses only, not thinking, not trying to understand. I’d get comfort in this feeling of being foreign.
And there is one food that sums up and brings about this mood: ramen.

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