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Conceptual and Practical Kitchen – The repetition perfects the act.

30/05/2016 - 2 Comments - Conceptual and practical kitchen |

By Daniel Vajani.

My posts in this column tell about my professional path in cooking, therefore, following a chronological order. I write this search while it happens, tied to the present, so it is not possible to control the unfolding of my actions along the way.

Two forces yelled compelling me to produce this diary. The first one was the pretentious need to let out the ever-procrastinated artistic production asleep inside me, the other one was the change of scenery I put myself into when I abandoned everything and everyone to go to Florianópolis/Santa Catarina. This allowed me to restart, anonymously. At this point, I was able to dive into myself seeking the oh-so-famous “why?”.
In this article, I bring another episode of this search.

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