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All of us should can, and should, be adventurous in the kitchen.
We can learn a lot by instinct, through trial-and-error, observing our Grandmas, reading.
But when cooking becomes a profession, how does it all work?
Today we're starting the new column here in the blog - Conceptual and Practical Kitchen, by Daniel Vajani.
In this column, Daniel will tell us the insider perspective about courses, news, institutions, restaurants, chefs, authors, work, the market, books.
Daniel is shaping a new work of which we will have news soon, in São Paulo, and has a degree in Portuguese Language and Literature by UNESP. I pass the floor, and hope you enjoy it!


By the way - Preparing a menu: how and why

04/01/2016 - 2 Comments - By the way | Organization

Good morning, my darlings!
Let's shake up the dust and move this blog a little? I miss publishing here! How are you? 

I thought I'd start the year with a post about organization, since this is a moment so many of are in the mood to organize habits.
I've been thinking lately about how many times I recently (before the holidays) could have eaten tastier/healthier/cheaper lunches and snacks, if I took the time to plan previously. Of course, I enjoy eating out too, but when I choose to do so for pleasure, not for sloth.
I could have eaten at home, or taken something nice with me, but I didn't go shopping. I could go shopping, but what to buy, and how much? In which days will I be home in this week?
Sketching a menu can help a lot with this procrastination, and is not complicated at all (although it might seem to be).

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