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I am lucky to have friends from who I learn a lot. For instance, this girl who I’ve been friends with since forever, Flávia. We’re always exchanging recipes, recommending books, and impressions about life in general. For today, we have the example of peanut milk.
In the way I prepare it, it’s takes about one day. In her way, it’s only a couple of minutes – which comes in handy when I have a cake baking and suddenly remember I don’t have milk for the frosting.

Just like in literature, I believe that in culinary translations happen all the time. This attempt of saying the same thing using words from another language (or ingredients from another land), you know?
Of course results will not be the same and, if you forgive my lack of purism, I consider some “translated” version much better than the original.

After years living with the wonderful pesto sauce in family’s Sunday lunches, I had the opportunity to try it at a very traditional Italian cantina in São Paulo – and I found it to be only ok.
Let’s see.

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