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This text and image are by Laura Leite.

Hello there everyone. Here is part II of the article on Gut Health. Many thanks again to Flora and Jo for inviting me to contribute to this great site! :) 

On part I, we reviewed intestinal anatomy and function in simple language and general terms. We also looked at the gut as the second brain and the gut-brain axis. We looked at a selection of studies that showed:
- The correlation of gut health to psychological symptoms and psychiatric illnesses.
- The correlation of the gut microbiota to predisposition for obesity and metabolic dysfunction.
- The impact of gluten in the brain, and how it can manifest through decreased memory, depression, as well as digestive symptoms.
- How the gut is closely linked to our immunity.
- The importance of regular elimination.

We also began to understand the nature and the impact of two of the major intestinal diseases, that are increasing in incidence nowadays: SIBO and Gut Permeability, or “Leaky Gut”. We listed studies that show how alcohol, even in moderate consumption, can be a high risk factor for these two diseases.

As we bring the entire gut landscape from the first article into the practical level, we will:
- Continue to keep the immune system, the vagus nerve, and the gut-brain axis in sight.
- Attempt to enlighten an understanding that stress levels, emotions, rest, movement, diet and digestion, are one indivisible mechanism.
- Invite the reader to step back to look at the perspective of our ancestors, how they lived, behaved and consumed food, before civilization began encountering the diseases that we have today.

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