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[Just a side note: sometimes I get such a hard time translating from Portuguese to English... wow. Why did I quote music in the original text anyway? haha]
Well, we got a samba in here that says the owner of the house does not approve of batuque in the kitchen.
I am not one to agree with this nonsense, not at all against batuque in the kitchen. In fact, it's the other way around. I do cook with batuques and plenty of music playing.
Now, when it comes to preparing a lot of ingredients at once, and the cutting board dances around - that's something I do not approve of.

There is a certain kind of joy that comes from days that one can spend in sweatpants. Because:
a) the temperature has lowered a bit, and that is always welcome when the summer is ending; and
b) leisure takes it's place among days of much planning and accomplishment.

Really, it is so good to get up with no alarm clock, read in bed some of that book that has been set aside lately, prepare an easy recipe and turn on the oven to warm the kitchen a little. Not thinking too much about what to do next.
With only one bowl I prepare these soft cookies that have a crunch because of the nuts. They are great for snacking, having breakfast, as a treat. 


Street food - Colombian arepas.

08/05/2015 - 0 Comments - Street Food | meat, Corn

All images and text in this post are by Gabriel Marzinotto.

I met the Colombian cuisine through a friend from there who's lived here in São Paulo. The first time I ate it was at a gourmet market where I went with him and a couple more friends. I had delicious empanadas, and I tried the coconut lemonade. I kind of have a childish sense of taste, I am picky with food. But combinations that are unusual to us make me curious, at least. 
I am not a coconut fan, but in the lemonade? Wonderful. Empanadas with peanut? Delish.

I left there with a good impression of what I tasted in the stall, Sabores de Mi Tierra. My friends said they had a restaurant next to the Benedito Calixto Square, and I should visit it someday.
A couple of weeks went by and we went to the restaurant, a small house in front of Goethe Institute. That day there was a World Cup game going on, and more: Colombia was playing. James Rodriguez and Quadrado's team had won, so the place of full and festive. It was packed, and the tables were placed in the garage ramp. It is kind of annoying to eat somewhere with an inclined floor. But the mood was nice, everyone had the Colombian team shirt on (for me, the most beautiful one in the last World Cup) and the game Italy x Venezuela was on the TV - one of the best games in the first stage of the competition.
That was when I first tasted arepa, a food typical from Colombia (and Venezuela). It was a different kind of bread, filled with pork ribs. As soon as I took the first bite it turned into a favorite. The patacones are worth trying too, ultimately they are filled just like the arepas, except in this case the fillings are served on top of a crunchy disc of fried plantain dough - seems like a huge, much tastier dorito.

I went there again in a chilly Saturday and found the place crowded. Instead of Soccer fans, now the public was the national meeting of Vila Madalena hipsters taking it over. Pinheiros neighbourhood is like that. As long as the food is good and the place keeps it's spirit, there is no reason for complaint. And that's the case.

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