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All images and text in this post are by Gabriel Marzinotto.


There are carts selling churros all over the city, always ones with that sweet dough and added dulce de leche filling them. They are good, but I must be honest:
I find them kind of way too sweet, heavy. It is fried sweet pastry, full of oil, filled with even more sweetness. I eat those seldom.
Also because I carry a fond memory of another kind of churro, one I used to have for breakfast with my family on Sunday mornings: the circular version of Churros from Mooca.


All images and text in this post are by Josiane Giaretta.


The current nutritional advises are clear: reduce the consumption of fat to improve your health. In the Alimentary Guide for Brazilian Population, the Department of Health recommends that we, health practitioners, orient the population to consume 01 portion of foods in the lipid group, preferably vegetable oils and margerine free of trans fatty acids (MINISTÉRIO DA SAÚDE, 2008). This is confusing for me, and I imagine it is the same with you.

First, let's understand what are lipids. The name lipid derives from the Greek word lipo, which means fat. The lipids are part of a group of nutrients we call macronutrients. In this group are also carbohydrates and proteins.

I got a shopping list in my mind that is more or less permanent, and I've been keeping the same structure for a few months now:
every week I get the same amount of leaves, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts... And flowers.
Yep. Everytime I see flowers at the farmer's market I go to, I bring a bunch to cheer up my place. Unless when there are no flowers being sold, in which case I get kind of disapointed. Sometimes it happens in days that are either too hot or too cold.
I got friends who think it is somewhat morbid to have cut flowers at home, they only appreciate planted plants, with roots and the whole package.
Well, I like them both ways, and don't really think one substitutes the other. They are a kind of weekly self-treat, something that brightens and enlivens my home.
Since I recently learned a new trick to make them last, I decided to share it with you.

Call me cliché, call me a teenager, but I love it when Spring arrives.
I know, generally the mental connection is Spring = the moment when flowers bloom and butterflies appear everywhere, like in a romance by José de Alencar; I think more of the fruit trees that become loaded, the luxuriant vegetables, days of full sun and cool breeze - beast weather ever.
And, at least for me, the season's change seems to bring a new year's mood. Maybe that's because my birthday is at this time of the year.
Or maybe just because it announces that in a few months the year will actually be over.
Anyway, if we are to focus in the subject of "luxurious vegetables" we end up in today's post, which is a very practical way of eating salad.

I like to make these rice paper rolls filled with salad when my family gathers at my mother's house in the Summer. In there, sometimes we do not make serious lunch, at the right time, with everyone sitting around the table.
Sometimes table is set and a dish comes out, then another, little ones run after the pets or make "science projects", grown ups read, lay in the hammock, cook, draw, assemble a gimmick or a model aircraft, take care of the soundtrack, the list goes on.
And well, I really enjoy the idea of being able to eat salad civilly with my hands. Let's face it, this is not exactly possible with regular salads. Even more so if they have a sauce.

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