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Street food - döner kebab and shawarma!

22/08/2014 - 10 Comments - Street Food | Garlic, Onion, Bread, Sandwich, Tahine

Gabriel is a friend I met while studying filmmaking, at the first short movie I was ever called to be a camera assistant.
During college, I remember him as a sound technician, boom operator and screenwriter - though he has also been scene director (in movies in which I didn't come to work).
He is a great guy to talk to about music, he writes about films and comics, and another subject we share is food. Each one likes quite different things: I love my organic vegetables, whole foods, and he is passionate about bacon and sandwhich cookies.
Anyway, there are items about which we have to agree: ramen, Italian, breads, sweets.
The thing is Gabriel apreciates and know excellent places to eat street food - and will present them to us in this new column, telling about places he visits in São Paulo and beyond. I pass the floor to Gabriel.

Hey! I am Gabriel Marzinotto, a dude who lives in São Paulo - in Mooca, to be precise - and really loves this city.
It is such a huge place, full of options, I just don't get it when I hear someone say they "have to get away from here for a while". I mean, I even get it, this is a city full of problems which seems to always be electrically charged. But it is also so messy and full of options where you would least expect, that I rest assured there will always be something to do, somewhere nice to find myself. And to eat, people, here is way too cool.
That's what this column is about: eat well through the city streets. Not only in stalls or carts, but also that quick over-the-counter food, or that joint where you can spend little money and eat something you won't find elsewhere, far from the home comfort.

Then comes the second part of the column: the attempts to reproduce and adapt this street food to our house.
Why, you might ask, if all of the charm is to find corners and food around the city? Well, because sometimes we are lazy, that's why.
Or because sometimes you have those friends and relatives who hesitate to eat downtown. Or just because it's fun to cook something fun.
I hope you enjoy it. And to start, a classic... döner kebab and shawarma!

All images and text in this post are by Gabriel Marzinotto.


Tea for those who feel cold

16/08/2014 - 2 Comments - Recipes | Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger

There are people whose body's got the impressive hability to regulate it's own temperature but, unluckily for me, most of the time I am out of that league. At least, regarding cold weather.
It is too comon that I got cold feet, regardless of how many clothes, socks and blankets I have on me - which doesn't help at all when I try to sleep. In times like this what works for me is taking a warm shower, placing a hot water bottle on top of my feet, or food/ tea.

In the case of food, soup is the absolute champion for sure. If it is slightly peppery, then it's even better.
In the case of teas, I have found a blend that is particularly efficient and very simple: vanilla, cloves and cinnamon.
That's because those ingredients favor blood circulation all over the body, even extremities.


Nutrition: water - starting from the begining

08/08/2014 - 6 Comments - Nutrition |

All images and text in this post are by Josiane Giaretta.

The column Nutrition, starting today, sprang from curiosities I have, and I imagine quite a few of you might be asking yourseves similar questions.
It is a series of texts that seek for a better understanding of the relatationship between nutrients and well being, energy level, mood, body balance. The first text is about water, a fundamental in order for everything to flow right.
Who writes this column in the nutritionist Josiane Giaretta, passionate about gastronomy and "real food".
She has studied functional foods and, besides helping us understand nutrition and body, she will share some of her recipes and beautiful pictures.

Look at something really nice she told me: "I understand a balanced nutrition as one in which nothing is excluded. If there are problems, they might exist because of lack/ excess of something". Sounds fair, right?
I now pass the floor to Jô.

I can recall the first time I ate brownies.
It was in a picnic with some friends, about 8 years ago. Take a look (I am behind the camera):

One of the girls took brownies and, being as I am, I suppose I had 3 squares of it. Delicious.
But I know at some point I had to lie for a while, because I felt stuffed.
Fast forward to 2014. I already tried other brownies out there, most of them half-assed, some of them nice... por some reason, I decided to bake them at home.

But I didn't really want to use two sticks of butter in half a dozen brownies, so I started looking for recipes adapted in thar direction.
I looked here and there, found plenty of ideas, though none of them had me in love.
So, I invented my own version.

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