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"Oh, caponata is that thing with eggplant, right?".
That was as much accuracy as I could get in defining the dish.
So a while a ago, I saw in TheKitchn a recipe I really liked, and I prepared it a couple of times.
Even so, I was still puzzled.
Searching here ane there, practically every explanation I found said tha caponata is a Sicilian dish, an eggplant, capers, celery, vinegar salad cooked in olive oil.
The way I look at it, caponata is more versatile than a salad: it's kind of a savory compote. A preserve that can be eaten as a warm or cold salad, yes, but also as pasta sauce, sandwhich filling, pizza topping.
It doesn't take much effort to get done, lasts up to a month refrigerated, and can save many dinners in tiring days.

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First, the change!

I’m very excited that I am finally able to publish the blog at the .com address, after quite a while of organization and drafts.

Wander about through the pages to see what’s new:

an index for recipes and tags, measurements and temperatures tables, and I got plans for new columns, besides By the Way – one of which will be written by a guest.

And I wish to publish posts more often too.

In sight of all that, there is plenty for me thank for:

To Celaine, who is always close thinking along with me, who has illustrated and supported me through Intituto Orbitato, making it possible for me to work with the designers Marcelo Monreal, Thais Maas and Flávia Vanelli (who has participated in early stages of the project).

Also to Nicole Samperi, who has photographed me as elegantly as her fashion essays, and to Boris Ramalho who assisted her.

To Max M. Fuhlendorf, who gave me advice in technical issues, and Two Web digital services, the company that programmed the site.

To my family, for chats and questioning which helped me to ponder and make decisions, as well as close friends who did the same.

My loves, here are the results.

To launch the new home, I will share with you a recipe from my mother (Celaine, who I mentioned in the previous paragraph).

Just like with my grandmother’s bee hives, I don’t really know where this recipe came from, but it has been a family classic for years.

Like with the bee hives, I had to kind of guess the measurements in order to write them down and repeat the recipe, since my mother eyeballs everything.

It is simple to prepare, and takes few ingredientes. It might be prepared on the eve or on the day you plan to serve the pie, and doesn’t take much hands-on time.

In March this recipe has been published in the Minha Casa magazine, in homage to Mother’s Day.

Now I share it with you here, further detailed.

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