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All images and text in this post are by Gabriel Marzinotto, with collaboration from Catharina Strobel.


It's not easy to eat a cheap hamburger these days. I mean: a good cheap hamburger. Like many fast foods, the gourmet version has expanded in the last 10 years, improving a lot the quality of many places, but also increasing the prices. I can't be cool somewhere where they charge R$30,00 for the simpler versions of the sandwich (for the fancier versions, the sky is the limit).

The alternative is searching for that robust cheese-salad hamburger in bakeries [our beloved Brazilian padarias] or a quick meal in a boozer, which are closer to the homemade hamburger. So it varies from place to place. I have made great findings in greasy spoon bars and terrible cheeseburgers in good-looking padarias. Well, at least the prices don't make the meal impossible.

But there is a famous place in town which has turned into a reference for those who appreciate a good traditional burger: the Hamburguer do Seo Oswaldo. Established in the neighborhood of Ipiranga since 1966, it's one of those places that's kind of mandatory for people who enjoy eating through the city and won't settle for only the Pinheiros neighborhood/ Av. Paulista/ Downtown axis. The city is huge and packed with awesome joints, Seu Oswaldo being one of the outstanding cases. I dropped by last week, along with Catharina and Leo.

Like many other ideas I enjoy a lot, the first time I saw this was in TheKitchn. After that, I've seen it in many other places all over the internet. No wonder! Just take a look at the recipe: slice ripe bananas into pieces and freeze them. Blend or process until smooth. Serve.
Pffff of course it's become a success. It's something tasty, cheap, easy and "thin". (And frozen, which counts a thousand points in these 35oC or higher). 
Now, I thought to myself, I really think this is a great idea and I really would like to share it with you in here. So... hum... I decided to add something, to make it interesting for those who already know the fantastic one-ingredient-ice-cream: cookie baskets. Except I need to test more to get my baskets right, because it hasn't happened yet.


When I first started living by myself, I traced a plan with the clear intention of being compeled to wash the dishes frequently and not allowing it to accumulate in the sink: to have few of them. It's 4 pots total (I swear it), silverware for 4 people only, half a dozen bowls. There is a slightly larger number of dishes and cups, because I find them pretty and kind of collect them, but essentials are kept to a minimum.

You see, I am a clean person and all, but for some obscure reason I feel like I am wasting time if I stop to wash the dishes right after cooking/ after eating. It seems like I have to rush to do other stuff to get the most out of my day. Go figure... that's why it's got such a terrible tendecy to gather up, independent of my will, and atack me from time to time.

Until I am able to turn into an habit the zen art of doing the dishes daily, I have a few tips to deal with the accumulation. Plus, the final part of it serves as a weekly cleaning method for the sink.

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