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06/01/2011 - 0 Comments - Recipes | Tuna, Onion, Basil, Egg, Cucumber, Cheese, Sandwich

The picture ain't fair with all the beauty in this sandwich. But in the morning rush was what I could get.



04/01/2011 - 0 Comments - Recipes | Nuts, Flora of the green thumbs, Basil, Olive oil

I've put three basil twigs in water with some flowers, in the hope they will develop roots.

It's delicious, quick and easy... I can't remember any cons, only pros. Since yesterday I had dinner with a friend, I was shy to take pictures of the food. I made some simple pasta, with store bought tomato sauce, topped with cubed white cheese and pesto.

At the end of 2009/ beginning of 2010 was when I got the hang of baking cookies. I'm that kind of person who might be mistaken many times, but at least makes mistakes paying attention, so I remember them and try to avoid them each time I prepare a recipe again.
After a while (which might be long or short) I learn the right way. Well, it happens that my brother only saw the cookies when I more often baking nicely, and I remember him being impressed.
It made me so glad, that whenever possible (when my mother comes to visit me) I bake something to send him. Then I started thinking about his birthday cake, which I wanted to be pretty and full of love.

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