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About seeing good things by the road - and guava frappé

03/04/2015 - 2 Comments - Recipes | Cinnamon, Frappé, Guava, Milk, Coconut milk, Vegetable milk, Honey, Dairy free, Summer, Video, Smoothie, Vlog

I have been philosofical lately, pensive, reading about different ways of understanding life, routine, spirituality. Maybe it does not make all that sense in the way I speak, but the fact is I have been paying attention to what every situation brings.
Just like I have been hugely interested in studying ways to pay attention to the body, I want to pay attention to the ways I/we relate to people around us and the situations that appear every 5 minutes.

"So what?" you ask me.

So that, cycling around Pomerode I have noticed  the loaded guava trees, giving so much fruit that we barely know what to do with all of it.
I recalled that Dede, a good friend, told me I should published a recipe for frapuccino - a sweet, frothy, refreshing beverage she likes to drink at starkucks.

Strictly speaking, frapuccino is a version of frappé. It's supposed to be a blended drink, airy and frothy, it usually takes coffee, sugar, vanilla, cream.
En what's the difference regarding smoothies, iced coffee, iced capuccino? Well, it not that easy to define. It seems like the difference lies in the bubbles, in the incorporated air. To achieve it, the drink is blended longer.

In my version, I have used the guavas (about 6 fruits, more or less 3 cups chopped fruit), peanut milk (2 cups), honey and ground cinnamon. And I garnished with coconut milk whipped in a way it resembles chantilly, sweetened with honey.
One could use cow's milk, goat's milk, almond... you name it. I used peanut because that's what I had at home. And if you feel like substituting honey for another sweetner, do it.

You can watch my first recipe video explaining how I did it! Since I was a bit shy, I ended up forgeting to mention a couple of details. They will be here in the post, ok?

I washed and diced the guavas, saving two slices for garnishing the cups. Then took it to the freezer to firm up (if they freeze it's ok); took the coconut milk (4 tablespoons) to the freezer too, in a bowl. This one should not freeze, the idea is to chill it so that the fatty part separates from the "watery" part, so that I can whip it with a fouet or mixer as I would whip cream to make chantilly. It's worthy to notice that:
a) Several others fruits could be used for this drink, considering they are soft and sweet: papaya, figs, mango, peaches, bananas, strawberries. It's great. &
b) When picking guavas from the tree, don't choose the overripe ones. These ones commonly come with warms. Pick the slightly underripe ones.

Well, I blended the frappé and strained to remove the seeds, poured in glasses. In a separate bowl, I whipped the coconut milk until fluffy, sweetened with honey and whipped some more to incorporate well.

In the shooting day, when I took the coconut milk out of the freezer, the "cream" was not separated from the "whey" - something that did happen in other occasions I prepared this foam (but did not take pictures). Go figure. If it had separated, I would set aside the liquid part and whip only the creamy part. Since it didn't, I just whipped it all together. In the video you can see how fluffy the cream came out in spite of it.
A stand mixer would be ideal for the job, but the fouet works fine too.
After whipping, I topped the frappé with the cream, sprinkled ground cinnamon, garnished with guava slices, put the straws in the glasses and served. Came out with the delicious sweetness of the fruit, icy and refreshing.

Now, a surprise:
I am giving away a kit with two aprons with a print like the one I use in the video, plus a notebook - since I alwaya cook taking notes, I figured you might enjoy the idea too. To enter, subscribe to the youtube channel and fill in this form. In May 1st I will make the raffle via random.org and publish the result in here, ok? The prize can be sent to any adress in Brazil, unfortunately I will not be able to send it to a foreign country for the time being.
"Right, and where are the pictures, Flora?" you ask.
There are in the printery, coming into existence. As soon as I get my hands on the aprons, I will photograph and update the post with the image.

So, what do you make of the video? What recipe would you like to see in this format?
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10/04/2015 02:05:23

Catharina Strobel

Flor, esse frapê tá com uma cara de-li-ci-o-sa!!!! Vou fazer aqui em casa!! Será que fica bom com abacate??? E eu amei a receita do leite de amêndoas. Vira e mexe tem leite de amêndoas e arroz aqui em casa (industrializados), mas o seu ficou com uma cara muito mais "rica"!!

Response from Flora
Cath que idéia boa a do abacate! Acho que sairia delicioso, bem cremoso mesmo :) Se experimentar o leite de oleaginosas me conta como saiu. Eu acho o caseiro mais gostosinho que o industrializado, & sai incrivelmente mais barato além de tudo. Beijoca xuxu!

08/04/2015 19:48:38


Tá! Já pensei em usar um codinome, mas não seria muito bonito da minha parte, melhor assumir né? Mãe e pronto! O que eu mais gosto em todo o texto, é a proposta de olhar para as riquezas ao alcance da mão e às quais não prestamos mais atenção. Me parece que, exatamente porque não deixamos a vida nos surpreender, com belezuras e gostosuras, escondidinhas, que não ficam gritando em outdoors ou pop ups, ao longo das vias. Um beijo!

Response from Flora
figura! :) concordo, o melhor de tudo é olhar cada momento com atenção. a partir daí é que as idéias surgem sobre o que fazer com cada momento. ou ingrediente, ou dúvida, etc. beijoca!

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