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Super quick peanut milk to save last minute recipes

24/10/2016 - 0 Comments - Recipes | Peanut, Milk, Vegetable milk, Vegan

I am lucky to have friends from who I learn a lot. For instance, this girl who I’ve been friends with since forever, Flávia. We’re always exchanging recipes, recommending books, and impressions about life in general. For today, we have the example of peanut milk.
In the way I prepare it, it’s takes about one day. In her way, it’s only a couple of minutes – which comes in handy when I have a cake baking and suddenly remember I don’t have milk for the frosting.

Check how simple it is:
- 1 cup roasted peanuts, skinned
- 4 cups filtered water
Cup measure: 240ml

In a small pan, I take the peanuts and water to cook over medium heat. From the moment the water starts to simmer (show tiny bubbles, without boiling) I leave the peanuts cooking for 5 minutes. The idea is to soften them so that I can take the most out of them.

I transfer all of the peanuts plus ½ cup water to the blender’s cup and process until I obtain a smooth paste. With the blender still running, I add all the water little by little.
I place a colander on top of a funnel, line it with cheesecloth, then drain the milk to separate the solid part. This residue can go into several recipes, in this post I gave a few suggestions.

Next time, I’ll post this cake frosting I mentioned, which turns into an addicting crumbly layer. 

Since I think more people will like to learn tricks and recipes from Flávia, here is where to find her:
To Puta e Vou Cozinhar, Verdura sem Frescura (both in Portuguese). She’s been writing for a couple of years about vegan food and life’s challenges with great propriety.

In time: the difference between this way and the way I usually prepare peanut milk (besides the evident matter of time, and the peeling process) lies in flavor. Both of them taste great, but: The milk made from raw peanuts is very subtle, neutral. And the milk made from roasted peanuts tastes undisguiseably like peanuts.

How do you like it? Did you go to the kitchen?
Tell be about it! I’m waiting in the comments, ig and fb.


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