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Sink philosophy - the recent facts

27/02/2015 - 1 Comments - Sink Philosophy |

Sweetie pies, I mentioned that in 2015 I want to cook and write more, and be very present here in the blog. Do you recall it?
Well, in February I organized what I had to in order to stop working in filmmaking, and came to Santa Catarina to dedicate myself to cooking.
To start with,  I am preparing the snacks that are served at Instituto Orbitato when there are workshops, courses and meetings. In there, fashion, architecture and design are studied, hands-on and very practically.

And in the Galeria Orbitato (a mix of gallery and shop) you can buy homemade products of mine, for now the bee's hive, soon there will be the soft 100% whole wheat bread, and the famous mango chutney. The institute and the gallery are located at the same address, in downtown Pomerode - SC.

Another good thing: even if you can't come in person to chat a little and get to know my homemade products, you can see me in the videos that will come out soon. How about that?

Gallery is open Monday-Saturday, 09am to 06pm, and in some special Sundays too.
There you can find clothing, acessories, paintings, prints, home design & What is in for today treats ;)
Hint: the town, which is already the sweetest thing, becomes even nicer during Easter time.
Located at: rua XV de novembro, 426. Pomerode - Santa Catarina.

I'll be waiting for you guys!


02/03/2015 20:03:09


Não posso falar sem começar dizendo que meu interesse nesta mudança, são muitos!! e que acredito, dai virão muitas novos sonhos e possibilidades. Porém, falando da mesa da Orbitato preciso dizer que me sinto leve e contente. Sei que a comida sobre a mesa faz jus às discussões que acontecem em torno dela! Obrigada pelas novas delicias!

Response from Flora
To feliz da vida em participar do cotidiano orbitato, e de fazer parte dessas conversas em torno da mesa. Viva! Beijos :)

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