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By the way – triggered breakfast to wind down mornings

06/12/2016 - 1 Comments - By the way | Breakfast, Organization

Admittedly, "I don't have time" is an expression that defines priorities. After all, the point isn't "how much" time one has, it is which activities this person chooses to dedicate time and importance to.
If we accupy ourselves too much with things that don't make us thrive or smile (preferrably, thrive and smile), seems like it's time to change. When we realize something is important, we find a way to make that happen often.

For instance: having breakfast calmly on a daily basis is a luxury? It might even be, I guess, but when I start my day slowly, my moof and ability to concentrate are so much better, so I come up with ways to ensure this little luxury.

Even when I had to start working at 4am, I'd reserve about 10 minutes to eat something and drink my coffee while actually tasting it before leaving home.

The secret to having decent breakfasts is thinking ahead, like in that case of ditching instant noodles from one's kitchen. And it takes way less precedence than preparing a weekly menu. Setting the table the night before is enough.
I place the tableware, leave my coffee pot ready (it's just a matter of lighting the flame in the morning), and separate the food.

- If I'm having tea instead of coffee, I leave the herbs in the infuser inside the mug, and the kettle with water on the stove.
- If I feel like oatmeal, I place the oats in a bowl, the pan on the stove, some fruit, milk, and nuts nearby.
- If I opt for fruit salad, I have it ready in the fridge.
- In case of bread, it's set over a cutting board with a proper knife aside, and the toppings: honey, molasses, peanut butter, avocado, apple or banana sauce, cacao spread...
- If it's yogurt, I separate a portion in a bowl in the fridge, leave on the table flaxseeds, ground cinnamon, and whatever I'm having with it (granola, oats, fruits).

Options are endless.

This is such a simple way to care for oneself everyday. As soon as you get started, it becomes an habit. I bet this would be helpful in homes with kids. In this way, one can even wash the dishes before brushing the teeth and leaving to work.

What's your way of making everyday quieter and tastier?
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xo, Flora.

05/01/2018 14:39:35

Sueli de Souza

Gostos de rituais. Por exemplo, colocar a linhaça de molho a noite para fazer o suco Verde pela manhã. É as rotinas tradicionais que os terminados exigem. Ao término da limpeza da cozinha, curto muiiiito acender um incenso. A impressão é de dever cumprido e fechado o ciclo. Vou pra cama tranquila. Meu botãozinho off já pode ser acionado.

Response from Flora
Que delícia, Su! É muito boa essa sensação de completar o ciclo de um dia pra ir descansar antes que inicie o próximo :)

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