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About the Blog and Me


Flora Refosco, pleased to meet you.
I love the sweet challenge of facing the ingredients at hand, trying to combine them into simple and tasty meals while listening or telling stories by the table.
I grew up in Santa Catarina’s countryside (Southern Brazil), then moved to São Paulo where I graduated in filmmaking and worked for a couple of years as a camera assistant in TV ads, short and feature films, and series (that’s where I got  my taste for photography).

Living by myself in a big city, with a changeable routine, I realized how much I can take well-being in my own hands.  Cooking is caring about myself and those around me; it is the compromise of producing delightful moments and organizing my everyday. It’s trying to make choices that aim for the well being of the environment and people involved in the production of food.
And it’s fun. 

I now live in Pomerode, Santa Catarina. In my free hours, I cook, write, photograph, and hike.
With family and friends, books, travels, street food, markets, conversations, and experiments, I am always in the pursue of learning about food and what it does to us – how it relates to body and mind well-being, autonomy, pleasure, sustainability, identity, health.
This blog is the space I made to share the findings.
To reach me, write to blog@florarefosco.com


I have by my side tremendously nice people, talking about varied issues in the theme “food”. Meet them: 

Josiane Giaretta – Nutritionist graduated at UNIPAR-Umurama/PR, with a master’s degree in Gastronomy at UNIFIL-Londrina/PR, she is always researching. Gifted with an incredible ability to understand and conciliate, Jo presents us ways to balance and simplify, keeping mind and body sane while eating with pleasure. Access the Nutrition column here.

 Daniel Vajani – Chef graduated at Senac, and by his inquisitive spirit. Being an insider, he presents us the professional kitchen world, books, stores, restaurants… Access the Practical and Conceptual Kitchen column here.

Grabriel Marzinotto – Screenwriter and Sound Technician, he has a love for the city of São Paulo as I have never seen. Customer of places that oftentimes remain unnoticed in the routine, Gabriel reveals wonders of the Street Food. Read his column here.