Blog Flora Refosco - Mensures


Almost every recipe is based in measures. It is a way of indicating exact ingredient ratios, and it’s an attempt to reach the always the same results.


But who can guarantee your cup is the same as mine?

Below you can check tables for volume and weight measures, as well as temperature, to make sure our cups are always equivalent.


Cup Tablespoon Teaspoon Mililiter Liter Fluid ounce Galon Pint
16 cups256 Tbsp3800ml3.8l128oz1gl8 pints
8 cups128 Tbsp1900ml1.9l64oz1/2gl4 pints
4 cups64 Tbsp950ml~ 1l32oz1/4gl2 pints
2 cups32 Tbsp475ml~ 1/2l16oz1/8gl1 pint
1 cups16 Tbsp240ml~ 1/4l8oz1/2 pint
1/2 cups8 Tbsp120ml~ 1/8l4oz1/4 pint
1/4 cups4 Tbsp60ml2oz1/8 pint
1/5 cups48ml
1/8 cups2 Tbsp38ml1oz
1 Tbsp3 tsp15ml1/2oz
1/2 Tbsp1 1/2 tsp7,5ml1/4oz
1 tsp5ml
1/2 tsp2,5ml
1/4 tsp~1ml


Kilogram Gram Pound Liber Ounce
1kg1000g2 1/5 pound2 1/4lb36oz
-455g1 pound--
-227g1/2 pound~1/2lb~8oz
-225g~1/2 pound1/2lb8oz
1/10kg100g~1/5 pound~1/5lb3 1/2oz


Celsius Fahrenheit Gas Description
110º C225º F1/4Cold
120º C250º F1/2Cold
140º C275º F1Very low
150º C300º F2Very low
160º C325º F3Low
170º C325º F3Moderate
180º C350º F4Moderate
190º C375º F5Moderately hot
200º C400º F6Hot
220º C425º F7Hot
230º C450º F8Very hot